Happy Birthday


I wish you

Incredible Health

That is always blooming


That lasts forever and warms your heart


that brings you wherever you dream

Who Have you become already?

AKA Serenas' personality

"Cheers to life!” SERENA

Deal making Superhero
You always find both the "doors" , and the "keys". 100%
''Go-getter'' Strategist
All that HAS to be done, WILL be done. And there will be a plan for that. 100%
Networking Guru
You build bridges between people. 100%
Organizational DJ
Company structure is your Mixer controller. 100%

And much much more than this!

However, To help you with your Hero's journey, I will be the Genie and ask you to

make a wish!

But of course, as everything in this existance, there are specific rules: