As a full-stack designer
I organize and design information
into what customers can understand.

This is what the process actually looks like:

Digital and technological tasks are complex and require a lot of back and forth movement. Design thinking has taught me that ideation and validation is a never ending process, because of the ever-green feedback loop.

This is what the customer sees.

Customer does not know what happens “behind the curtains” and therefore it is challenging to explain WHAT exactly he is charged for. I can make it clear and design a context that customer would understand.

Would I be a good addition to your team?

Real life

4 years of freelance work with more than 60 customers (I track my work)

to detail

I pay the attention to data and make sure everything makes sense

Self-relient and competent

I take a full responsibility of projects and move forward without guidance

Authority and teamwork

I know the technical side of processes and can plan the projects accordingly

Packaging Design

I can develop one-of-a-kind packaging for your customers. Anything from bottles, boxes for packaging, until fully designed products. And I will make sure that the size can save space (and money) in Amazon warehouses.

Infographics & Guidelines

I can explain complex processes in a simple streamlined infographics. Information design is the new standart, because users and customers want fast and clear communication.

Mockups & Visualizations

To win the competition in Amazon a high standard for product packaging is required. Therefore, mockups is a fast an reliable way to make quick changes and validate the market.

Photo Editing

And of course, great photos for ecommerce makes huge differece in perception of quality. This translates into higher conversion rates and therefore more sales!