How to register and drive 30 minutes for free with Greenmobility.

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Hey lifehackers, sustainable people, electric car fanatics, and everyone else who has stumbled on my post! ✌

I have something interesting for you living in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Malmö and Göteberg. And recently in Belgium as well 🙂

Have you heard about the new player in town, regarding the mobility services? It is called Green Mobility. A car rental app, similar to VOI scooters, only much more EPIC. Not only that the app is super simple to use, the cars are great! They use Renault Zoe electric cars. And driving them gives you a sneak peek of driving a Tesla. (I call thiss model the “little sister” of Tesla).

It took me about 2 hours to write this and a few test drives for my experience, and I must say – I think you will love it too so I wanted to share this lifehack.

I love new tech and especially the marketing campaigns which lets people use something for free. For me, “free” just tastes and feels better. And especially if it is related to transportation or tech. And I must say, we are lucky to experience 2020 (ironic) as “Green Mobility” has popped up recently in Denmark. I live in Aarhus and this is a perfect city for a service like this.


This is how the app looks. Easy to find and unlock cars.

Let's begin with the basic stats - PRICING.

1 Minute costs 4 kr. (You don’t have to pay per kilometer, so if you like to drive really slow you will pay more).

Therefore, a trip that lasts 20 minutes will cost total of 80 kr. (I live in Aarhus, and this is a normal trip from Viby (almost out of the city) to Central station and back).

Want it cheaper? Buy a package of 200 minutes for 420 kr. Not bad. Price therefore drops to 2.1 kr. per minute.

Still, it is a bit pricey to be honest. It might be my Eastern-European angle-of-view, as in Riga (Latvia) we have company that has similar service and costs about 4x less.

But yes, still, compared to Taxis, and when traveling with friends to the closest 7-eleven to get a bottle of Jack Daniels, on a Friday night – this is a bargain. (Remeber to drive safe and sober!).

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But of course you want it even cheaper, right? What about free? YUP! 30 minutes FREE minutes! 🤑

How to get the Greenmobility free minutes?

Okay. So let me finally help you with the discount code. All you have to do is register and use my code, which gives you 30 minutes driving time. Absolutely free, no strings attached. Woop woop!

UPDATE: Ask me for the code in the chatbox.

(On the bottom, right side corner)

To get the 30 minutes for free, all you will have to do is to register and enter the code during the registration process.

  1. Download the app on Apple store or Playstore (Search for “Green Mobility)”
  2. Enter the “Promotion code” before entering your personal details (because if you fill your details and only then enter the code, your details get deleted

3. Fill your contact information (choose your city, adress, enter your contact details)

4. Send them a photo of your drivers license and a funny selfie (yes, you will have to send a selfie doing some random stuff, like showing two fingers, haha)

5. Wait a bit until they confirm your profile. (Could be a few hours)

6. And that is it! You are done and ready to drive!


Now the last step is to check if you have the 30 minutes on your account. To do that, go to “Menu” (left top corner), then “Account” and you should see the free minutes. Enjoy!

If there are no minutes (because of some glitch) – contact me and I will make sure that the minutes are given to both of us! 

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